BookAdventure's Kid Zone makes reading fun!  Take quizzes, earn points, and collect prizes!
Fun Brain Kids Center has a whole lot of different educational games in all of the different subjects in school!  If you're ready to have fun learning, this is the place!
Scholastic Kids is loaded with all kinds of cool games and activities.  You have to click here and check it out!!! has more activities and games in Math, Reading, Language Arts, and much more!
Funschool Games will give you games and activities according to your grade.  Just pick your grade and your off to have some fun!
AAA Math is the place to go to practice just about everything in math that you can think of.
Student Resources has a list of different kinds of sites to go to.  Check it out to see if there's something you'd like.
(There's also usually games here too!)

Enchanted Learning


Ask Jeeves for Kids

EduPlace's Links Library

Kids Click

Fact Monster  

EduPlace's Link Library
Encarta Encyclopedia Center - Click on Encyclopedia Articles
Maps101 has just about every map you'd need for your school reports. Click on Subscriber Login, Username: sboakley Password:harding



Parents Resource Page is from our main district website.  This site also has links to very useful general school information.  Definitely a must see site!
Book Adventures's Parent's Place let's you see your child's reading record if he reads books, takes quizzes, and collects points.  There's also other great parent places to go to either help your child or just helpful information for you.
Fun Brain's Parent's Place    

EduPlace's Parent's Place
Marco Polo's list of links to help you help your kids
Scholastic Reading Program         

Scholastic for Families This is only one of the many reading tools that we use here at Oakley to help your children become better readers. 
**Many parents have requested web sites and search engines that they can use to look up educational topics, and ones that their children can use for basic homework help, research a topic, or just to play some educational games.  I've gathered these web sites and found these search engines that could be helpful.  I've also included a link to our main district's web site links list that has some great sites, some the same, some different.  Please enjoy the cool stuff that's out there.  With proper supervision, there's so much information that we have access to, right at our fingertips.  As always when allowing your child to use the internet, please either visit these web sites yourself first, or make sure your children are being monitored while they're exploring. 

If you or your child happen to come across a great educational web site that you think other fellow Oakley students would benefit from, please share them with me.  Send your child with a note containing the web site and have him/her bring it to the school's front office.  Hopefully we can post it on our links page so all can enjoy!